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We install, replace and repair all type of showers.

Anthony Ryan Plumbing installs, replace and repair all type of showers.

Services we provide…

  • Shower installations, repairs, and sales.
  • Instantaneous pumped and mains pressure electric showers
  • Thermostatic and manual mixers showers
  • Pumped electric and digital showers
  • Shower pumps and booster pumps.
  • Electric immersions and timers
  • Shower tray & Walk-in showers.
  • Thermostatic mixing valves.


Some of frequently asked questions and answers.

Electric Showers having three main types and being the most widely installed here in Ireland. These showers provide convenience, ease of installation, and good value.

Tank feed- pumped electric shower

Tank feed – pumped….  This shower uses electricity to heat the water, commonly use 9.5kw/ hr, and as the name suggest shower takes its water supply from the cold-water storage tank is located in the attic space of you home. This is the most popular of all electrical showers due to the good pressure created by the shower built-in pump.

Mains water feed – electric shower

Mains fed…. This shower uses electricity to heat the water, commonly use 9.5kw/ hr, uses water directly from the mains water supply, these are great showers if you have great main water pressure, the only draw-back from this shower is obviously if your main pressure is subject to being turned off or the water pressure tends to fluctuate or low pressure at times then this is not the shower for you.

Pumped Electric – Mixer Shower

Pumped Electric – Mixer Shower…with similar flow rates to a booster pump or twin impeller supplied shower, this shower unit is an exceptionally good option if you are after hotel style shower experiences. Using only a small amount of electrical power, the shower unit draws the hot water from your cylinder/ boiler and cold water from your cold-water storage tank. The shower unit then pressurises, blends, and pumps the water to the showerhead.

A digital shower work in a similar way to mixer showers – taking the water from the hot and cold supplies and blending to achieve the desired temperature. However, the key difference between a digital shower and mixer shower is that its digital technology enables ultimate precise temperature control….

The digital shower is a real problem solver when it comes to retrofitting, the digital shower can be fitted without any damage or removal of existing tiles. The pumped distribution manifold can be located within the hotpress, attic or an adjacent room.

The digital shower has a range of options A high-pressure option is best suited to main pressure unvented systems and combi boilers, whereas a pumped option is appropriate for low-pressure gravity systems. This is a huge benefit as the pumped unit is often less expensive than buying a separate mixer shower and a shower pump to do the same job, but it comes with all the benefits of digital shower’s functionality.

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