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Oil Storage Tanks

We install hundreds of oil storage tanks each years so there’s not much we don’t know about them.

As a qualified plumbing company specialising oil heating, Anthony Ryan Plumbing was part of the first groups to take specialist training in the Oil heating industry in Ireland. Registered with ‘OFTEC’ [Oil Firing Technical Association] Anthony Ryan Plumbing has been leading the way in aspects of Oil tank installations, replacements and servicing.

We are a registered and certified oil tank installation company, with the specialised training and knowledge back-up to provide oil tank services for domestic and commercial clients.

We can offer you an extensive range of oil storage tank services…

  • New bunded and single skin oil tanks supplied and fitted.
  • Pressure testing of feed pipes and remote fill pipes.
  • Fuel pumping equipment, we can change your tank even if its full of fuel.
  • Temporary oil storage tanks for emergency containment or transfer.

Tank servicing, desludging, water removal, and valve replacements


Some of frequently asked questions and answers.

Bunded oil tanks are basically two tanks in one, often referred to as tank in tank or double skin tanks, these tanks are suitable for commercial and domestic use.

The two tanks combined to form an integrally bunded tank, in the event the inside oil tank leaks the secondary tank will contain the full volume +10% of oil, preventing an oil spillage.

As the name suggest it is an oil tank made from one layer, these can be plastic [MDPE] or steel.

When installed in a non-domestic environment, most regions require tanks to be sited within a concrete or masonry bund.

To minimise the risk of pollution from an oil spill, some installations must have secondary containment (a bund). This can be achieved by either choosing an integrally bunded tank or constructing a bund around a tank. The bund must be capable of holding at least 110% of the tank’s contents.

Bunded tank is required if…

  • Tank capacity in excess of 2500 litres
  • Tank located within 10 meters of a controlled water
  • Tank located where spillage could run into an open drain or manhole cover
  • Tank located within 50 meters of a well, borehole or spring
  • Tank over ground or surface with could enable run-off to reach controlled waters
  • Tank using a remote fill pipe, where vent pipe is not visible from fill point

Tank supplying heating oil to a building other than a single-family dwelling.

Nearly in all cases, some upgrades to the existing tank bases are required.

The need to provide a suitable base and support for your oil tank is of paramount importance for reasons of both safety and environmental protection. The base should be:

  • Adequate for the weight of the tank;
  • Non-combustible, imperforate and level;
  • Constructed of concrete or paving stones;
  • Large enough to extend 300mm beyond all sides of the tank.

If an oil storage tank is not adequately supported, the tank itself can be weakened leading to the eventual failure and escape of the stored fuel. During the life of an installation an oil storage tank base will need to provide continual structural support, even though ground conditions may alter from season to season and year to year.

Yes, we can help in few different ways:

  • You could book a call out, when we arrive, we will bleed the burner, but also provide you with a ‘how to’ demonstration if you wish to bleed the burner yourself in future. Call out €50.00
  • You could book a whatsapp video chat with Anthony on 0876633376 and he will guide you through the burner bleeding proceeder. No charge
  • We could install an automatic oil de-aerator to your burner removing the need to ever bleed your burner again. Prices starting from €180.00
  • We could install a digital oil level monitor [watchman] in a convenient location in your house. Price starting from €120.00

A Tigerloop®  is an oil de-aerating and oil lifting devise, it is an after market product fitted to your oil burner’s oil pump.

The Tigerloop® sits between the oil tank and the burner in an oil heating system, so that all oil passes through it. It continuously and automatically removes air from the oil before passing it to the burner, so that bubble-free oil is burnt, eliminating poor combustion, noise, damage, soot, and smoke.

Tigerloop® eliminates the need to bleed the burner should you run out of oil.

Tigerloop®can draw oil from an oil tank up to 30mtrs away in a 10mm pipe to the burner, eliminating the need to provide a gravity feed or having the tank on a stand.

A fire valve is an essential safety feature of an oil installation, which will stop the supply of oil in the event of a fire or an overheat situation occurring at the appliance.

The valve must be located outside the building, before the point of entry, and must be activated by a remote sensor. Existing oil feed pipes that are not accessible outside of the building, and do not have a fire valve, can have one added at the first point where the pipe appears internally.

This is not permitted on a new pipe installation, but can improve the safety of an existing installation.

Fire valves are also required for externally located boilers.

[KBB] Remote Sensing Fire Valve

Wheel Head fire valve [not approved for installations]

Tank location is key to safety,

It is unlikely that a fire could be started by a domestic oil storage tank and its contents. However, tanks are required to comply with fire separation distances in order to adequately protect the stored fuel from a fire or heat source, that may originate nearby.

Tanks should be sited:

  • 1.8m away from non-fire rated eaves of a building;
  • 1.8m away from a non-fire rated building or structure (e.g. garden sheds);
  • 1.8m away from openings (such as doors or windows) in a fire rated building or structure (e.g. concrete built house/garage);
  • 1.8m away from oil fired appliance flue terminals;
  • 760mm away from a non-fire rated boundary such as a wooden boundary fence;
  • 600mm away from screening (e.g. trellis and foliage) that does not form part of the boundary.
  • 8m from an external heat source such as the oil boiler or built in BBQ
  • Consideration should also be given if the site is lightly to suffer from flooding or high winds.

We do emergency call outs for active and suspected oil leaks, call us on 087 66 333 76

650 litre bunded oil tank

1200 litre bunded oil tank

2500 litre bunded oil tank

Suitable construction for the tank

Anthony Ryan Plumbing Ltd has provided specialist installation services to Verde for over five years.  Verde requires plumbers to be OFTEC-registered and Anthony has provided a wide range of services including oil tank and boiler installation, feed line pressure-testing and assistance in oil leak detection surveys where necessary. Anthony and his team have always been very obliging and are capable of providing Verde with high-quality services for our domestic and commercial projects over a wide area from Galway to Dublin and various locations in between.  We are happy to recommend Anthony Ryan Plumbing Services.

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