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Oil Heating - how can we help you today?

We install, service and repair.

As a qualified plumbing company specialising oil heating, Anthony Ryan Plumbing was part of the first groups to take specialist training in the Oil heating industry in Ireland. Registered with ‘OFTEC’ [Oil Firing Technical Association] Anthony Ryan Plumbing has been leading the way in aspects of Oil boiler installations, repairs and servicing.

We install, service and repair…

  • Oil boilers
  • Oil burners,
  • Dual fuel central heating systems,
  • Oil stoves,
  • Oil storage tanks,
  • Oil feed piping,
  • Oil devices; de-aerators [tigerloops], remote sensing fire valves and heating oil filters.
  • Circulating pumps, safety valves and expansion vessels.


Some of frequently asked questions and answers.

All burner and boiler manufacturers recommend servicing of oil firing quipment, every 12 months [Annually].

Clean out of combustion chamber, check and or replace combustion door seal.

Check and verify flue integrity, clean out if required.

Condensing boilers will have additional checks and cleaning of secondary heat exchanger’s tubulars and baffle’s, condensate trap will be removed, cleaned and re-primed. Seals and washers replaced as necessary.

  • Burner’s fuel nozzle replaced.
  • Burner’s air box, fan, oil pump filter, and blast tube are striped down checked and cleaned.
  • Oil hose replaced.
  • Remote sensing Fire valve’s operation checked, using an electric heat fire valve testing devise.
  • Photocell checked and tested for operation.
  • Boiler’s thermostat checked and verified for accuracy.
  • The Boiler is operated, combustion efficiency testing is carried out, this ensures complete combustion of the oil fuel, to get maximum heat out of every litre of oil and reduce environmental impact from incomplete combustion.
  • We carry out a visual inspection of the oil storage tank and supply piping, then completing a tank assessment form.
  • On completion we will issue you with servicing certificate, tank assessment and flue gas analyses print out.
  • Pricing starts from €100.00 and includes all detailed above.

“1mm of soot deposits in your boiler results in 20% loss in  boiler efficiency” – Anthony Ryan.

The main benefits are…

  • Instant heat at the flick of a switch, less time spent keeping a solid fuel fire burning for heat and hot water.
  • You’re not depend on lighting the fire [ first thing] when you get home or when just after getting up in the morning.
  • Oil boiler systems can be tailored to suit your individual needs, with a wide verity of timers to choose, additionally there are remote control options.
  • With our oil boiler system, you can operate your solid fuel stove / range and oil boiler at the same time.
  • You have the option of zoning your central heating for added comfort and energy efficiency.

Yes, we can help in few different ways

  • You could book a call out, when we arrive, we will bleed the burner, but also provide you with a ‘how to’ demonstration if you wish to bleed the burner yourself in future. Call out €50.00
  • You could book a whatsapp video chat with Anthony on 087 66 333 76 and he will guide you through the burner bleeding proceeder. No charge
  • We could install an automatic oil de-aerator to your burner removing the need to ever bleed your burner again. Prices starting from €180.00
  • We could install a digital oil level monitor in a convenient location in your house. Price starting From €120.00

Any burner can be repaired to working order! But time and part can run into more than the cost of a new burner!

Firstly we will complete a survey of the burner to determine the fault and issue a quote for repair or we may advise you based on the age and condition of the boiler and burner, a replacement would be the long term better option;

The problem lies in a cost / benefit factor, in that a steel or cast-iron boiler will have a life span and will eventually leak water usually after 20year mark but this varies wildly for system to system.

If your burner is beyond repair or seized, replacing the burner only, this a great option to get the maximum life span from the boiler and a quick fix option.

If it is not the right time for you to change your oil burner, we have a low cost, short term solutions to get your boiler running.

We specialise in, right advise for you – Anthony Ryan

The main benefits to you using our Oil boiler and /or heating controls upgrade.

Peace of mind
We will provide you with a prompt survey of your existing central heating and go through your requirements for heating and hot water. We will size your boiler accurately to match demand.

We will provide you with a clear, transparent and detailed quotation, listing all costs, with options for you to leave in or take out any of the various add-on services and equipment.

You will receive one price for all aspects of the work and equipment supplied.

We will pressure test you existing oil feed line for any unseen leakage before connecting to your new boiler.

Even heat throughout your home
Restore your radiator to original working order with no cold spots.

After the power-flush a Digital analysis of the central heating water quality is carried out, effective water treatment additives are ‘dosed’ in order to inhibit any further corrosion in the new boiler and heating system.

Tidy installation works
Your new boiler is fitted with the upmost care for a quality installation, respect for your home, maximum energy efficiency and oil safety at the core of the works.

Easy to use systems
With one point of control your timer, all our controls are very easy to use with ‘on/off’ and booster buttons functions at a basic level, switching on the heating.

Comfort and efficiently
If you choose to add-on heating controls upgrade package to the boiler replacement

Your central heating and hot water system will now work seamlessly and efficiently with your Oil boiler, networked throughout with many layers of control through the time and temperature control system.

24 hour breakdown service
You can call us at any time to request information or log a breakdown, your call will always be answered, or your missed call returned.

We carry and have a stock of parts for all the boiler and burners we supply.

all our standard equipment comes with 5 years warranty. A digital copy of your boiler passport warranty will be emailed to you on completion.

Annual service notification
To maintain all warranty’s, we will offer you the option of annual ‘service due’ email or text.

We service, maintain and repair all equipment supplied – Anthony Ryan.

With 700,000 oil burning appliances, heating existing homes in Ireland, the simple answer is ‘NO’ but stay with us for a minute, as the answer really lies with new build homes.

The Climate Action Plan 2025 sets out  [The installation of new domestic oil and gas boilers could be banned in the next few years under a new Government policy on tackling climate change] [source Irish Times Fiach Kelly Deputy Political Editor] these measures only concern new build dwellings. Until 2025 or maybe sooner, you can install an boiler in your new home, but you will have to provide and supplement this heating with 10watts / m² of renewable energy, which can be done with solar panels [pv. Photovoltaic or thermal], wood pellet boiler, wind turbine or a heatpump.

There will come a time when new oil and gas boiler will gradually be phased out.

We can carry out a tank assessment and offer you advise on the condition, any existing damage or likelihood of an oil spill.

Your oil storage tank has a maximum life span of 20 years, if the tank has been correctly installed, having a full supporting base, with the tank not over hanging or full supporting  the base causing stresses to the structure of the tank and premature fracturing to the tank. For more information [click here]

We would advise you now to check your home insurance covers for loss or damage to oil storage tank.

We can offer you an extensive range of oil storage solutions:

  • New bunded and single skin oil tanks supplied and fitted.
  • Pressure testing of feed pipes and remote fill pipes.
  • Fuel pumping equipment, we can change your tank even if its full of fuel.
  • Temporary oil storage tanks for emergency containment or transfer.

A fire valve is an essential safety feature of an oil installation, which will stop the supply of oil in the event of a fire or an overheat situation occurring at the appliance.

The valve must be located outside the building, before the point of entry, and must be activated by a remote sensor. Existing oil feed pipes that are not accessible outside of the building, and do not have a fire valve, can have one added at the first point where the pipe appears internally.

This is not permitted on a new pipe installation, but can improve the safety of an existing installation.

Fire valves are also required for externally located boilers.

KBB remote sensing fire valve

Wheel Head fire valve [not approved]

If you are not considering a deep retrofit of insulation, windows and airtightness on your existing property, Upgrading your oil boiler and heating controls will save on your fuel cost now, a minimum of 30% can be easily achieved, we have clients who have saved 50% on their fuel bills, while increasing their comfort.

Anthony provided us with a clear and detailed quotation for our proposed upgrade to the oil boiler and heating controls system, with the option to powerflush and treat the radiator and pipework. Anthony and his team arrived, completed the powerflush and upgraded boiler and controls in under the specified three days, leaving no mess and we were never without heat for duration of the job. We are now saving over a tank of oil a year, with more comfortable living spaces. I highly recommend Anthony Ryan Plumbing and their team, their attention to details and clean working spaces I haven’t seen the likes of before, especially the project manager Paddy – Dave Cooke, Rochfortbridge

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