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Heatpumps - New Builds

We offer sizing, supply and installations.

Anthony Ryan plumbing has been installing Air to Water Heatpumps since 2015.

Anthony Ryan Plumbing can Size, Supply and Install, Heatpump heating systems, [ATW] If you are looking for prices or specifications, please send your proposed floor plans and provisional BER, we will provide you with a free quote with design and layout specifications.

Services we provide…

  • Heatpump sizing / specification.
  • Supply and installation of heatpumps.
  • Electrical controls installation.
  • Servicing and repairs of heatpumps
  • DHW hot water and buffer tanks
  • Underfloor heating and Aluminium radiators.
  • New build Plumbing and Heating installations.


    Some of frequently asked questions and answers.

    A heatpump is a device that can transfer [pump] heating in the opposite direction of flow. A heatpump generates useful heating through the principles of the ‘compression cycle’, much like a fridge moves heating from inside the fridge compartment and expels this heat out the back via the warm grill at the back.

    In the world of physics, absolute zero is actually -273°c, your indoor air temperature of 20°c is only about 7% greater than an outside air temp. of 0°c. in theory useful heating can be generated to -273°c  using the compression cycle, but your heat pump will generate efficiently down to -15°c outside air temp.

    CoP is an energy rating heatpump manufacturers give to the ratio of heating delivered to the electrical energy input from there unit. The CoP can be found on the units energy label. Most heatpump are tested in a laboratory, under conditions of 7°c outdoor temp and 35°c heating flow temp.

    Heat Pumps can operate for 20 years or more, but they do require regular scheduled maintenance. We will leave written details of any maintenance checks you should undertake to ensure everything is working properly. One selling point of a heatpump is it requires little maintenance, but with any piece of mechanical equipment will need some routine checks and servicing.

    Please see below some of the typical maintenance requirements for indoor units and outdoor units, where applicable:

    • Indoor units: Cleaning the unit Checking heating & DHW on/off temperatures Electrical connections safe & sound Water filter, water pressure and expansion vessel pressure 3 way valve changing from CH to DHW Switch box Booster heater cutting on/off.
    • Outdoor units: Cleaning the unit, especially the coil as dirt, cobwebs, etc. can have an effect on the efficiency of the heat pump; the fins are to be cleaned with soap & water, no other chemical substances Fins to be straightened, if necessary Electrical connections safe & sound

    We will service and maintain any heatpump we have installed and can provide you with a maintenance schedule.

    Air to Water monoblock Heatpump

    Aluminium Radiators

    New build underfloor heating

    Heatpump first fix piping

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