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Gas Heating - how can we help you today?

We offer installation, service & repair.

As an RGI registered gas installer (Register of Gas Installers of Ireland) and a qualified plumber, Anthony Ryan Plumbing uses up to date gas boiler installation equipment to install energy efficient gas boilers and Declaration of Conformance Completion Certificates are provided with all gas works.

We install, service and repair….

  • Gas boilers,
  • Central heating controls,
  • Gas fires and gas stoves,
  • Gas hobs and gas cookers,
  • Balancing radiator systems,
  • Powerflushing central heating,


Some of frequently asked questions and answers.

The main Benefits to you using our gas boiler and heating controls.

Peace of mind
We will provide you with a prompt survey of your existing central heating and go through your requirements for heating and hot water.

We will provide you with a clear, transparent and detailed quotation, listing all costs, with options for you to leave in or take out any of the various add-on services and equipment.

Even heat throughout your home
Restore your radiator to original working order with no cold spots.
After the power-flush a Digital analysis of the central heating water quality is carried out, effective water treatment additives are ‘dosed’ in order to inhibit any further corrosion in the new boiler and heating system.

Tidy installation works
Your new boiler is fitted with the upmost care for a quality installation, respect for your home, maximum energy efficiency and gas safety.

Easy to use systems
With one point of control your timer, all our controls are very easy to use with ‘on/off’ and booster buttons functions at a basic level, switching on the heating.

Comfort and efficiently
If you choose to add-on heating controls upgrade package to the boiler replacement Your central heating and hot water system will now work seamlessly and efficiently with your gas boiler, networked throughout with many layers of control through the time and temperature control system.

24-hour breakdown service
You can call us at any time to request information or log a breakdown, your call will always be answered, or your missed call returned.
We carry and have a stock of parts for all the gas boilers we supply.

All our standard equipment comes with 5 years warranty’s, additional 7- and 10-year warranties are available on some boiler model’s. A digital copy of your boiler warranty will be emailed to you on completion.
All warranties are detailed in your quotation

Annual service notification
To maintain all warranty’s, we will offer you the option of annual ‘service due’ email or text.
We service, maintain and repair all equipment we supply.

Benefits of upgrading your existing gas boiler timer to zoned heating controls

Theres a Grant available
If you house is built pre- 2006 you may be eligible for a €700 grant from SEAI to up-grade your existing controls, its quick, easy and we do all the paperwork,

Reduce your energy usage
Reduce your energy usage by up to 20% with easy to use heating controls and save money on your home heating bills.

Heat when you need it
You will receive a 7-day timer to help you plan your usage. Ask us about remote access through a mobile app, it may be beneficial if your heating times vary throughout the week.

Zoned for more efficiency
Heat your hot water without having to turn on your home heating. You can also split upstairs and downstairs into heating zones for further efficiency.

Comfort and efficiently
Your central heating and hot water system will now work seamlessly and efficiently with your gas boiler, networked throughout with many layers of control through the time and temperature control system.

From the time we arrive till we are leaving normally takes 1 ¼ hour

  • Boiler servicing includes, strip down and clean combustion chamber, check and inspection of all component parts, for water leakage, general wear and damage.
  • Where applicable the boiler’s expansion vessel is serviced / drained and re-pressurized with air to insure correct central heating water pressure is maintained. The central heating water ‘top-up’ system is checked and adjusted.
  • Gas safety inspection checks, for correct gas flow and complete combustion of gas.  Gas / air ratio testing is carried out to insure complete combustion. Boiler seal’s and flue testing is carried out.
  • The Boilers heating controls are checked, boiler electronic and sequencing controls and boiler electrical supply are checked, and testing carried out.
  • If required we can demonstrate how to operate the boiler’s timer, how to ‘top-up system’ and answer any question you may have and what to look out for.
  • Any other gas appliances [gas fire, gas hob etc] will have a gas safety check carried out, there may be small additional charge for this so please mention this when completing bookings.
  • On completion a flue gas analysis and servicing certificate will be left on site.

Any boiler can be repaired to working order!

Firstly we will complete a survey of the boiler to determine the fault and issue a quote for repair or we may advise you based on the age and condition of the boiler that a replacement would be the long term better option;

The problem lies in a cost / benefit factor, being that some aftermarket parts can be quite expensive, add in diagnostic’s, repair costs and a boiler operating 15years+, a new boiler makes sense.

If it is not the right time for you to change your gas heating boiler, we have a low cost, short term solutions to get your boiler running.

We are a repair company first – Anthony Ryan

First, you should check your gas supply or credit meter, check the water pressure in the boiler, the best approach is to Call Anthony 087 66 333 76.

We can talk you through all the basic checks over the phone with no obligation,

Breakdowns are always lodged ‘priority’ in our call out service – Anthony Ryan

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