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I began my plumbing career in August 2002 were I registered with FAS for the ‘craft- plumbing apprenticeship’, this course based mainly on the practical skills of plumbing and heating installation also focused in on procedures, regulations and safety, all of which I carried forward to my company Anthony Ryan Plumbing Limited.

Course Certificates awarded during apprenticeship were as follows

  • ‘FETAC’ level 6 advanced certificate ‘CRAFT – PLUMBING’
  • Certificate of achievement ‘oxy-acetylene welding’
  • Gas Installation Safety (GIS)

From the out-set Anthony Ryan Plumbing had one main focus, to provide customers with Professional, Knowledgeable, and Dependable qualified plumbing engineers.

Striving to constantly achieve these attributes through regular training, Anthony Ryan Plumbing has been awarded certificates of competence to date in the following….

  • Gas installer / domestic (GID)
  • OFT 101 Domestic / light commercial oil firing commissioning and servicing pressure jet appliances
  • OFT 600A oil storage tank installation
  • OFT 105E  Domestic / light commercial oil firing system installation and fuel conservation.
  • ‘FETAC’ Level 6 ‘Solar domestic hot water systems’.

Anthony Ryan Plumbing Limited is currently regestered with

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