Open Vented Copper Hot Water Cylinders

Open-vented hot water cylinder

Open-vented hot water cylinder

In most houses, the hot water is heated and stored copper cylinder situated in the ‘hot-press’. Cold water is fed to the base of the cylinder from the cold water storage tank, as the water is heated it rises to the top of the cylinder, where it is drawn off via a branch from the open vent pipe to the hot taps.

Cylinders come in a range of sizes, generally categorised by height and diameter the most common being 30″ x 18″ being 124 litres approx, 36″ x 18″ being 150 litres and 42″ x 18″ being 175 litres.

Uninsulated Cylinder

If you have a uninsulated copper cylinder “tut tut” you wouldn’t boil the kettle without making a cup of tea so why let your hot water ‘cool’ in you cylinder, at the very least an ‘lagging jacket’ should be installed.

Replacing old uninsulated cylinder with factory spray foam insulated copper cylinder make economic sense it will by way of energy saved pay for the cylinder and installation. We also install and repair immersion heaters and thermostats.

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