Bath & Showers

Choosing a shower….”but which one”?

Here is just a brief break-down of the two categories of shower commonly installed in Ireland.

Manual / Thermostatic Mixing Shower Valve

thermostatic mixing shower

Thermostatic mixing shower

Or also known as a gravity-fed shower, these come is a vast verity of designs and price range to suit any showering location or experience.These showers as the name suggest uses a mix of hot and cold waters usually taken from your hot water cylinder and attic cold water storage tank. The gravity-fed shower uses the force of energy created by the height of your attic water storage tank, the pressure generated at the shower head depends on the height of this tank from the ground, rule of thumb is 10meters = 1 bar of pressure.

Some other form of producing pressure to the shower head is needed if not using the gravity-fed system, this is done by pumping the waters to the shower, two main types of pumps are used, a twin impeller pump and a booster pump.


Twin-Impeller…can be used in conjunction with a hot supply from a regular copper cylinder ‘open-vented'(link to) the twin-impeller extracts the hot and cold water supplies, pressurises and delivers to the showers mixing valve.


Booster-pump…can only be used in series with an ‘unvented cylinder’ (link to) with the added advantage of pressurised supplies to all appliances.

Electric Showers

Electric Showers having three main types and being the most widely installed much loved and heated units throughout the country, these showers provide convenience, ease of installation, replacement and relatively good value.

Tank-fed Pumped

Tank-fed Pumped

Tank-fed pumped

Tank-fed pumped…. electrically heated water as the name suggest is supplied from your cold water storage tank this is the most popular of all electrical showers due to the good pressure created by the shower built in pump.


Main-fed….electrically heated showers uses water directly from the mains water supply, heats the water in the shower unit, but relies on main water to create the pressure, the only draw-back from this shower is obviously if your main pressure is subject to being turned off or the water pressure tends to fluctuate at times then this is not the shower for you.

Pumped Electric Mixer Shower

Pump with mixer

Pump with mixer

Pumped Electric Mixer Shower…with similar flow rates to a booster pump or twin impeller supplied shower, this shower unit is a very good option if you are after hotel style shower experiences. using a small amount of electrical power the shower unit extracts the hot water from you cylinder and cold water from your clod water storage tank, pressurises, mixes and delivers to the shower head.

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